Bargello Flame Strata Dreams African Safari African Rhythms Dazzling Diamonds 3D Quilts Freedom Road Quilts of Illusion Falling Colours Undulations Christmas Star 1 Christmas Star 2 Interlocking Triads WORKSHOPS  (click a picture for more images)

Infinity Squares

Combining Jan's love of strata and geometric patterns this square within a square technique results in a colourful, artistic quilt.

Infinity Squares Interwoven Log Cabin Scintillating Scraps

Interwoven Curved Log Cabin

Jan won the Quilters’ Guild Award for Colour at Quilts UK 2009 for this quilt.  Using a mix of colours and tones in each curved log cabin block create an exciting art quilt from a much loved technique.

Dazzling Diamonds

Jan also won the Quilters’ Guild award for colour and a first with this quilt at Quilts UK 2005. In the workshop create dazzling diamond patterns with a contemporary look using strata and colour with a unique technique that she has devised. This is still Jan’s most popular workshop.


Following on from Dazzling Diamonds this stimulating workshop explores the pattern further, using colour and technique to make the illusion of the shapes running and curving up and down through the quilt.  A winner at Quilts UK 2008.

Strata Dreams

Using Jan’s love of strata and illusion, create a stunning, geometric, colourful art quilt.  This quilt won a Judge’s Choice at Quilts UK 2009.

Bargello Flame

Jan studied under Marilyn Doheny at the Houston Quilt Festival in the early 1990s and won an award for her Bargello Seascape. She has now up-dated this popular workshop with modern exciting ideas.

Falling Colours

Another winning quilt. Using strip techniques create the illusion of colours waterfalling across the surface of the quilt, making an art quilt design in a variation of the tumbling blocks pattern. up-dated this popular workshop with modern exciting ideas.

African Safari

Jan’s popular African series continues with this new workshop.  The colours and shape of the landscape, combined with easy raw edged appliqué and geometric blocks and borders make a stunning wallhanging or quilt.

Scintillating Scraps

A modern take on popular scrap quilts designs.  Using strong shape and colour this workshop produces vibrant exciting quilts.  


Taking the patterns of the Navajo Indian woven textiles make a unique and colourful geometric quilt.   

African Rhythms

Using the colours of the African continent learn to construct these vivid patterns.  An exciting modern approach to innovative quiltmaking.  

Freedom Road

Following the success of African Rhythms this second workshop has lots of exciting new blocks and borders, plus an easily pieced African landscape.

3-D Quilts

Jan won a Judge’s Choice at Quilts UK. for her Honeycomb Quilt based on this creative workshop using quick piecing techniques to create unusual designs from familiar shapes.

Interlocking Triads

Cut equilateral triangles from graded strata to create interlocking patterns and make 3D illusions with lots of design possibilities to explore.

Quilts of Illusion

Exciting designs created by an illusion of overlapping patterns and triangles using gradations of colour

Log Cabin Christmas Star

Using the angles on the see-through ruler construct log cabin stars.  
This is especially good as a Christmas workshop, and makes a stunning wallhanging.


Stripping the Garden - Dragonflies quilt

A new class from Jan using a modern take on irregular strata using colours and tones. Additional raw edged appliqué finishes the look.
The class will consist of strata colour arrangement, plus a demonstration of the appliqué technique. Jan won a second in the large wall hangings category and Judge’s choice at Quilt UK 2012 for her dragonflies quilt.

Twisting Triads

Twisting Triads

This workshop uses a vibrant pattern achieved by pairing tones in a range of contrasting fabric strips.  The bolder the choice of fabrics, the more exciting the quilt. Fabric pairs can be light/dark, bright/soft or positive/negative, as eclectic as you wish.   An easy angled cutting technique results in a stunning art based piece which can be a
wall-hanging or extended into a larger quilt.

Cascading Logs

A stunning and unusual log cabin class. Using colour and tone this is another pattern designed by Jan in her ongoing series of illusional quilts.

A new workshop for 2014/15.

Cascading Logs


Using a palette of fabrics, this workshop will result in a wall-hanging or quilt using easy techniques and working with colour values. This is the class for those who like the new modern fabrics, but will work just as well with much loved older fabrics and jelly rolls. A new class in 2015

Scrap Logs

Using traditional log cabin techniques, this workshop makes colourful, exciting quilts from lots of scrap fabrics cut into strips for ‘logs’ which are sorted into lights and darks, sewn round centre squares and then arranged into patterns.
A really easy, constructive class.

Scrap Logs Colourwise

Strips Galore                  

This interesting technique with strata strips makes exciting colourful quilts from many different designs.  
This is an inspirational art quilt class.

Strips Galore Colour wave and spirals

Colour Wave and spirals                 

A new class in Jan’s popular series of illusional designs.   

Using quick piecing techniques with sparkling colours spiralling against a black background create an exciting art quilt or wall hanging.  Jan won a judge’s choice for her quilt at Quilts


The design for this workshop is a linear pattern which uses a gradation of colours and tones to create a modern quilt in which the background plays a part.
With a grid to follow the vertical and horizontal runs of colour the pattern sparkles with an original flow of texture.



Curved Bargello Landscape                

Jan’s latest bargello quilt is based on a curved and intersected design. She has devised her own technique. No complicated graphs, just guidance in cutting and over laying to achieve the interwoven pattern.The Watersmeet quilt is influenced by the colours of Exmoor, but students can use any fabric runs of their own choosing.


Curved Bargello

Log Cabin Perspective               

Jan’s new workshop for 2020 explores the use of perspective together with her own log cabin design.  Colours are used either in an abstract way or with the idea of going into the block through light to dark tones.

The Elements hanging consists of three blocks, but just one can be worked on in a day’s workshop and other colours added later.


Log Cabin Perspective